Producing the most beautiful shirts on the market to satisfy a desire for style, comfort and durability.
Within the company, a scale of values defines production and commercial priorities, both in terms of product care, and in the service to large retail trade and end customers.


It was 1973 when, in a small home workshop, the brothers Giampaolo and Alessandro Valoti began tailoring shirts with the mission to make the most beautiful shirts on the market in their land, the Seriana Valley.

Over time, the small home shop was replaced by a real factory, and the few dozen shirts produced daily became close to a thousand.
The Nineties saw the definitive consecration of the group: in 1993 the Valoti brothers, now masters and profound connoisseurs of the art of making a shirt, driven by a passion for quality and the desire to create something unique, decided to create their own brand, and be in charge of its distribution.

SONRISA® was born, the shirt brand that blends artisan tradition and sartorial care with experience in production and stylistic sensitivity for fashion trends.
Over time, the attention to the market has led the group to conceive various other brands in addition to SONRISA®, and acquire many more, to cement their specialty in the production of shirts with a gamut of price levels.

Different labels express the group’s ability to infuse the heritage of consolidated manufacturing traditions, and to create and grow new brands.


The SONRISA® family stands out for its attention to the little big things in life.
Love for the shirt and passion for fabrics, attention to quality and professionalism, environmental protection and respect for tradition are our guiding principles.
Friendship and a smile are the founding values that make all this possible.

unique shirt production process

The passion for serious manufacturing, attentive to the quality of materials, details and style, makes possible a current and always innovative proposal.