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SONRISA® is the prestigious brand which, since 1993, has been known for its high quality men’s business and leisure shirts.

“One of the most beautiful things in life is to find someone who can understand you without needing much explanation.”

Kahlil Gibran

Fall Winter 2023, innovation of quality

SONRISA ®, a collection designed in the name of creativity.

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SONRISA® shirts are manufactured in Italy using only Italian fabrics according to the best textile and sartorial traditions. Whoever chooses SONRISA® demands the best quality in fabrics, cut and tailoring, and is accustomed to the care and constant innovation found in all SONRISA® garments and collections.
Purchases, style, production, sales and distribution: SONRISA® is able to reach and satisfy more than 500 customers, who own some of the best boutiques in Italy and the world.


In the increasingly exclusive panorama, the SONRISA and CARLO RIVA combination is certainly a guarantee of excellence. The slow loom woven fabric in cotton is also combined with a cashmere yarn to create new and very soft sensations on the skin.

Innovation, always looking one step ahead, an exclusive patent for the #S122 model, worked on garment-dyed fabrics, treated denim and warm-hand flannels, sometimes even printed, becomes a Must Have to be unique.


SONRISA’s Made to Order shirts are items of superior quality, fitted to each customer’s body contour and style.
It all starts with the choice of fabric, the soul of the shirt, and then it continues with the customization of every single detail.

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Over time, the company has created a complete and intelligent range of services for the customer, including an online B2B solution, a virtual Showroom where new collections and all the “Made-To-Measure” services can be previewed.

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